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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Hey There!

Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm your working Mom, and I'm excited to share a glimpse into my life with you.

*About Me*

I'm a 33-year-old adventurer currently living abroad with my wonderful husband. Our journey has taken us far from home, but our hearts are always filled with love for our two amazing boys, aged 4 and 5.

*Family Across Borders*

Living abroad has its challenges, especially when it means being away from our precious kiddos. My husband and I are navigating the complexities of long-distance parenting with as much love and dedication as we can muster. Every video call, and every care package sent across the miles, is a reminder of the bond that keeps us connected despite the distance.

*Work and Wanderlust*

As a working professional abroad, I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures, forge friendships from around the globe, and grow both personally and professionally. While the expat life can be demanding, it's also incredibly rewarding, offering unique experiences and perspectives that enrich our lives in ways we never imagined.

*Heartfelt Hobbies*

In between work commitments and parenting from afar, I find solace in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's exploring the vibrant streets of our host city, indulging in local cuisine, or watching movies together, I cherish every moment of discovery and relaxation. 

*Parenting from Afar*

Being away from our boys is undoubtedly the toughest part of our journey. Yet, we strive to be present in their lives in every way we can, showering them with love, encouragement, and virtual hugs. From bedtime stories over video calls, we're constantly finding new ways to bridge the physical distance and nurture our bond as a family.

*Dreams and Determination*

Looking ahead, I'm filled with hope and determination. I dream of the day when we'll reunite as a family, creating cherished memories together and watching our boys grow up before our eyes. Until then, I remain steadfast in my commitment to provide for my family, embrace new adventures, and savor the beauty of each day.


Thank you for joining me on this journey! I'm honored to share my story with you and grateful for your support along the way. Together, let's embrace the highs and lows, the joys and challenges, and celebrate the beauty of life's extraordinary tapestry.

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