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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Samsung A25 5G Snapshot: A Budget-Friendly Phone for Family-Oriented Users | Cuty Rose

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  Samsung A25 5G Snapshot: A Budget-Friendly Phone for Family-Oriented Users 

   Hello there! It's me again, your working mom. I am excited to share with you about my newly bought smartphone. You might wonder why I chose this phone, so let me tell you the reason.

    As the breadwinner of my family, I always try to save money and cut down on expenses wherever possible. That's why I opted for a budget-friendly smartphone with high-quality performance. After conducting some research, I decided to go with the Samsung A25, and I'm quite happy with my choice.

    As a mother and user, my priority use of my phone is to stay in touch with my family back home, especially my kids. So, I needed a phone with a faster and long-lasting battery to make our conversations non-stop, as I love talking to my loved ones. I also use my phone to watch my kids through a CCTV camera linked to my phone. I can see them whenever and wherever I am.

    While I'm not an expert, I'd like to share my unboxing experience and a quick review of the Samsung A25. Let's talk about the design, color, and specs.


What's in the box?

Color: Light Blue😍

Design:  The Galaxy A25 adopts Samsung's updated design language with a slightly sculpted frame, which is both nicer to touch and more secure in the hand.

Photo credits to GSM arena

    For me, as long as my smartphone has the latest updates and performs just as well as other high-end phones, it's good enough. As long as I can chat and call my family, friends, and colleagues, I'm happy. As a mother, my main priority is the well-being of my kids and family. Filipinos are known for being family-oriented, and we value our family above everything else. Family always comes first before ourselves.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!


Monday, May 6, 2024

Amazon Alexa as my Personal Multitasking Assistant | Cuty Rose

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Amazon Alexa as my Personal Multitasking Assistant

Photo credits to Amazon

   Hey there! I'm excited to share my experience of using Amazon Alexa in my daily life. My friend introduced me to Alexa when I expressed my love for music. I was fortunate enough to find it on sale online at Amazon, and when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. Alexa is more than just a speaker - it can multitask like a pro!

    Apart from playing music, Amazon Alexa has a plethora of other features that can make your life easier. 

My all time favorite song :)

    Here are just a few examples of the many things that Alexa is capable of doing; 

 Alarm clock and reminder

Add items to your shopping cart

Get general information on various topics

Video calls

    I have a daily routine of setting up Alexa for my wake-up time since I work three different shifts every other day. The most important shift that I cannot miss is the Early shift, as it is really hard to wake up too early. Thanks to Alexa, I have never missed my time. My favorite feature of Alexa is video calling, which allows me to connect with my loved ones anytime I want. They can also call me even while I am still sleeping, as there is no need to accept the calls. Alexa has been very helpful in easing my homesickness by serving as a CCTV, allowing me to navigate apps and check my place anytime.

    Having Alexa by my side has been a game-changer in my life. With its advanced features, Alexa provides me with a sense of companionship that I never thought I would have from a digital assistant. The ability to multitask is one of the features that I appreciate the most. I can ask Alexa to play my favorite music, set reminders, make phone calls, and even order food without ever having to lift a finger!

    Alexa's voice is so pleasant to listen to, and it responds promptly to all my requests. It has become my trusted partner in life, and I can always count on it to provide me with accurate information and helpful advice.

    Overall, Amazon Alexa is a useful tool that can help streamline daily tasks and make life more convenient.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

- Cuty Rose

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