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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Based On A True Story: From Strangers to Soulmates Part I | Cuty Rose

Based On A True Story: From Strangers to Soulmates Part I

Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm your working Mom, and I'm excited to share a glimpse into my life with you.

Wanted Textmate

It was during my senior high school days when mobile phones were booming. Basically, I didn't have one yet, but my friend Jay happily came to my house with my best friend Biel to show off his first phone, which he received from his sister. On that day, we were so excited to check out his phone, and unexpectedly, we tuned in to a radio station where people were sharing their mobile numbers to find a textmate. Jay got a number under the code name Kamikaze.

My friend texted Kamikaze for a few days; he was so generous in giving phone recharges, which made my friend happy. However, one day, Kamikaze wanted to talk over the phone, realising he was chatting with a girl without knowing the real identity of my friend, who is gay. So every time Kamikaze would call, my friend would ask me to talk to him as a favour. Finally, I was thrilled when I got my first phone from my mother. When my friend found out about it, he simply handed over his Text mate Kamikaze to me to continue chatting with him since he couldn't reveal his true identity due to the frequent phone calls. That's when I fully embraced being Kamikaze's text mate. I enjoyed texting him, and it felt like we already had a strong bond through text.

After a few months of texting, I got to know him better: his family background, his life, and his role as a gangster in their area. He was a rebellious kid, not performing well in school and always with his brotherhood. He frequently found himself in trouble, clashing with other fraternities. I was deeply concerned about him and his future. Therefore, I kept advising him on the right path and encouraged him to avoid trouble and his negative influence friends.

The Meet-up

After my graduation, I decided to meet him in his place with my best friend Biel. I was nervous and excited to see him in person. Actually, I just wanted to see him before I moved to Manila to continue my studies there in college. So, there we were, the day came, and we met. Honestly, I was not impressed during our first meeting because he was very observant around us, fearing that his rivals might see him in their territory and attack him. So, we only talked for 5 minutes, and then I left the place with my best friend acting as my chaperone at that time.

Moving to the Capital City 

Due to that first meeting, I was so disappointed. When I moved to Manila, I got busy with my new school, environment, and the new people around me. I lost contact with him too when I changed my sim card. At that time, Friendster was trending, so I was curious to create an account on the site. It was the first application that elevated the dating app to a higher level, where your text mate could see your photos and videos online. A few years later, I received a message from someone, and when I checked out the profile, it was Kamikaze. So, once again, we exchanged mobile numbers and continued our chatting.

To be continued......

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