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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Zayed International Aiport : Check-in and Arrival Snapshot | Cuty Rose

Zayed International Aiport: Check-in and Arrival Snapshot

    Welcome to Zayed International Airport in Abu Dhabi! This impressive terminal officially opened on October 31, 2023, in anticipation of the upcoming UAE National Day. After a long-awaited construction, this new airport has emerged as a stunning and futuristic landmark. 

    The name "Zayed International Airport" came into effect on February 9, 2024, after the official opening ceremony of Terminal A, commonly known as the Midfield Terminal. The airport covers an area of 742,000 square meters and has an annual capacity of up to 45 million passengers. With a capacity to accommodate 79 aircraft at any given time, it offers smooth operations and efficient services. 

    The check-in area is arranged into two sections - North and South. North is for other airlines' check-in, while the south is exclusively for Etihad airlines, including First Class and Business Class check-in counters.

    Zayed International Airport in Abu Dhabi is one of the largest and busiest airports in the United Arab Emirates. The airport has several terminals, multiple check-in counters, and a state-of-the-art design with modern amenities, making it a convenient and enjoyable experience for travelers.

Departure Gates

    The check-in process at Zayed International Airport is relatively quick and straightforward. Passengers are required to present their passport and ticket at the check-in counter of their respective airline, where they will receive their boarding pass and luggage tag.

Check-in Counters

    Once the check-in is complete, passengers can proceed to the security check, where they will have to go through a thorough scanning process to ensure the safety of all passengers on board.

Airport Lounges

    Upon arrival, the airport greets passengers with various food and beverage outlets, retail shops, and an array of lounges. The airport has world-class facilities, including a range of currency exchange services, ATMs, and an abundance of information desks available 24/7 to assist with all queries.

Currency Exchange

Sim Card Provider
ATM and Coffee Shop

Arrival Area both Etihad and Other Airline Flights

     Finally, Zayed International Airport offers travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in Abu Dhabi's many attractions, from cultural landmarks like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and art museums such as the Louvre to world-class shopping centers such as YAS MALL, as well as discovering must-try adventures like Warner Brothers, Ferrari, and Yas Water World. Passengers can explore these while awaiting their flights or upon arrival within the city, making the most of their travel experience.

    No wonder the Zayed International Airport is a gateway to not only Abu Dhabi, but to the entire middle east with efficient and modern amenities, providing travelers with consistent and secure journey experiences.

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