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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Based On A True Story: From Strangers to Soulmates Part II | Cuty Rose

Based On A True Story: From Strangers to Soulmates Part II

the continuation . . .

 Now that I've reconnected with Kamikaze, our conversations have taken on a new dimension as he's begun courting me through text. I find myself drawn to him more with each passing day. Our daily chats and calls have become a cherished routine, and I eagerly anticipate hearing his voice, especially those gentle morning greetings. His demeanour exudes such gentlemanly charm that it's impossible not to fall deeper in love with him.

Throughout those four years of college, Kamikaze and I faced our fair share of misunderstandings, resulting in an on-again, off-again relationship. Each time we parted ways, I would change my SIM card and symbolically discard it on the roof of our stall.

Social apps bridge of connection

Yet, despite the distance, Kamikaze remained determined to reconnect with me. This time, we found a new avenue through Facebook and Yahoo Messenger, embracing video calls as a means to bridge the physical gap between us. His persistence in wanting to see me, even virtually, spoke volumes about his commitment and love.

Following the strains of time and the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Kamikaze and I eventually decided to part ways, drifting apart until my graduation. In the aftermath, I lost all contact with him. However, within two weeks of graduating, I was fortunate enough to secure a job, throwing myself wholeheartedly into my work to fulfil the dreams and promises I had made to my mother. The memories of juggling both work and school, waking up at ungodly hours and retiring late at night, still linger vividly in my mind. It was a period marked by hardship and determination, a testament to my unwavering commitment to my goals.
The struggle of life to survive

During my college years, I solely devoted myself to my studies and assisting my mother with our small vegetable-selling business at the market. At 3 am, I would wake up to accompany her to Divisoria to purchase wholesale vegetables. By 5 am, we would arrive at Monumento market, where I would continue to lend a hand by arranging displays and chopping vegetables for various dishes such as chopsuey, Togue, pakbet, and Upo.

Right after completing my tasks at the market, I would swiftly pack up and ready myself for school. Once classes ended, I'd return to the market to relieve my mother, allowing her much-needed rest. Such was the rhythm of my college days – challenging, yet filled with unwavering determination. Despite the fatigue, I never faltered in supporting my mother, who tirelessly strive to ensure my education. Her relentless sacrifices fuelled my drive to succeed. She was not just a mother, but my beacon of inspiration, motivating me to persevere and secure a better future for us both.

After two years of dedicated work, Kamikaze unexpectedly reentered my life, this time through Skype. However, I learned that he was already in a relationship. Though his reappearance stirred feelings of hurt within me, I knew I had to accept the reality of his new situation. Out of respect for his new partner, I chose to distance myself from him and focus on continuing my own journey. Despite my efforts to move forward and open my heart to others, I found myself facing heartbreak once again after just a year.

Stepping into a new world

Faced with the aftermath of failed relationships and a growing sense of ennui, I made a bold decision to embark on a new chapter of my life: working abroad. This choice was driven by a desire to escape the weight of bitter experiences and to refocus on my goal of supporting my mother. It was a daunting step for me, given my strong sense of responsibility towards her, but I knew I needed to take it in order to truly move forward and pursue my aspirations.

I didn't fail in my expectations as I found better opportunities in the UAE. Gradually, I fulfilled my promises to my mother, making her proud and sustaining my family's needs. After three years of working, Kamikaze reached out to me through Skype, and we resumed our conversations. I felt a sense of joy upon learning that he was working in Saudi Arabia. His determination to improve his life impressed me greatly. He shared with me that he was single again and expressed a sincere desire to earn my affection and to be serious this time.
The second chance for forever

At that point, I felt ready for a serious relationship, so I decided to give Kamikaze another chance to prove himself. After a year of continued communication, he made the bold decision to come and work in the UAE to be with me. His sudden move took me by surprise, but I welcomed it with open arms. Before embarking on this new chapter of my life with him, I sought permission and blessings from my parents, acknowledging their importance in my journey.
After a year of being together, Kamikaze consistently demonstrated that he was the perfect partner for me—caring, thoughtful, and deeply loving. Convinced of our compatibility and the strength of our bond, we decided to take the next step and tie the knot. Our wedding marked the beginning of a beautiful journey together, filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams. Today, we live happily ever after, blessed with the joy and fulfilment of raising two amazing children, the living embodiment of our love.

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- Cuty Rose

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